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India's first 360o

Hotel Sales Platform

Djubo is a cloud based 360oHotels Sales Platform. Djubo manages booking confirmations, room hold requests, room queries, online channel partners, booking engine and much more through a single interface. So if you have rooms to sell,Djubo works round the clock to sell them.

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Why Djubo?

Maximize Revenues

Minimize sales desk and agency costs

Improve your balance sheet

Evolve your email database over time

Manage multiple properties

Enhance sales desk efficiency

Make Superior Business Decisions

Easy trial and adoption

Improve your guest relation services

Be in control as the Hotel Manager

and much more ... power your sales desk today with DJUBO!
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Our Happy Customers

  • Testimonial  Ravi Ravi Shankar Govindu Managing Director, Mangrove Escapes, Bentota, Sri Lanka

    Djubo targets the crux of our sales desk issues and solves them tremendously well. Our internal processes automatically changed themselves to work around the sytem. That is the power of an easy to use system with far reaching benefits. Our guests, agents and or managers are all discovering its value every single day.

  • Testimonial  Pravin Pravin Rengaraj Director, Eigth Bastion, Kochi, India

    Hotels are sometimes culprits of excessive spending on IT when the same issues can be solved in a much smarter fashion at a fraction of the cost. Our direct query conversions, follow-ups and online sales are on the rise and our advance revenue collections and guest satisfaction with the booking process have never been better. Djubo is a great product!

  • Testimonial  Abhilash Abilash Kalathil The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, India

    Getaway resorts like the Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village rely heavily on marketing themselves to niche travellers. Most bookings for resorts like ours come through our own website and phone numbers or through the internet portals. With limited budgets and lack of access to trained hotel sales manpower, our sales team was always under efficient and over worked until Djubo happened to us.

  • Testimonial  Ashish & Preeti Ashish & Preeti Goel Director, Vishnu Palace, Mussoorie, India

    We were looking for a solution which helps us increase our online bookings by giving us the confidence to expose more inventory online as well as brings our day to day booking chart management to a professional platform. Our destination has a severe dearth of quality manpower which made the search for such a solution extremely critical. Djubo all solved these issues very well. Our query follow-ups , stability of future room forecasts, online sales and guest satisfaction from the booking process have been rewired entirely.

  • Testimonial  Abhishek Abhishek G Director, LP Residency, Dehradun, India

    Hotel sales are getting complicated by the day specially for small hoteliers as sales channels have moved online and the share of revenue of single travellers have increased in a big way. One needs to get tech savvy to be able to solve the day to day operational issues of managing your property's sales desk. Djubo helped us cut our sales desk manpower expense in a big way , gave us the confidence to sign up to more travel portals and also expose our available rooms on all portals at all times and gave our guest's pre-arrival and post checkout experience a definite improvement.

  • Testimonial  Nupur Nupur Sikka Director, Ganga Kinare , A Riverside Boutique Hotel

    Boutique hotels have to move away from the clutches of large agents who promise room nights but cut down rates drastically. There is a big enough market out there for single hotels to attract a large number of free intent single and small group travellers who book online after reading about our property on the internet. However to be able to manage these very large number of small bookings, a small hotel like ours needed a team of atleast 4 people at all times and there was a always a fire burning somewhere. That was until we stumbled upon Djubo. Our team is now down to 1 junior sales desk executive answering emails and phone. The rest of the work is done by Djubo.


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